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Robert A. Rudzki is a former senior corporate executive, who is now President of Greybeard Advisors LLC ( Greybeard Advisors assists enterprises improve their near-term financial performance and their long-term business viability. He is also a director of a privacy and security software company, and is an Advisory Board member of several companies. Previously, Bob was Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Bayer Corp., where he led a nationally recognized transformation effort. Prior to that, he was an executive of Bethlehem Steel Corp. In the course of his career, he has held various executive management positions, which included finance, accounting, procurement and logistics, business development and P&L responsibility. As a result of his career assignments, he has had the unique opportunity to interact with hundreds of executives and companies, and to study first-hand their efforts at achieving success, or triggering failure. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and management meetings, and is the co-author of the business performance improvement book Straight to the Bottom Line®.

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