Beat the Odds - Avoid Corporate Death and Build a Resilient Enterprise
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"Beat the Odds is the playbook every manager should read to be sure of winning beyond the next few quarters.”  

— Lee Iacocca

“Hurray ! A business book which will appeal not only to founders/entrepreneurs but anyone involved in building and managing a growing business. One of the most important points you should take away from Beat the Odds is the critical importance of creating fluid mechanisms and ideas that will shape the future of your organisation. Unlike so many other management authors, Rudzki's ideas are authentic.”

— Anita Roddick
The Body Shop

"If you've ever wondered why some companies seem to go on and on like stars in the sky and other companies seem to shine brightly like meteors, only to disappear too quickly, this book is for you. If you are working for a company and you want it to be a star and not a meteor, you should read this book.

“The author has distilled his vast experience into easy-to-understand principles that can make a positive difference in how today's companies perform. Real examples from the corporate world make a convincing case."

— John A. Jordan, Jr.
Retired Senior Vice President
Bethlehem Steel Corporation 

Beat the Odds is both insightful and enjoyable to read. Bob Rudzki writes from a different perspective in a manner that is very readable. His crisp message on the nine principles for success, which are profiled with excellent current real life case examples, provides clear direction for managers on how to ensure their companies win. Beat the Odds is a book you must use when developing your company's strategy and ensuring its tactical execution.” 

— Avner Schneur
Founder, President and CEO
Emptoris, Inc.

 "Beat the Odds introduces a logical framework for predicting whether companies are likely to sustain success not just in the short term, but for decades to come.  The book brings real examples forward and challenges common beliefs about organizations.  It is a great read for anyone trying to understand long term company performance."

— Martin Barkman
Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations
SmartOps Corporation

Beat the Odds provides a practical roadmap for executives in companies of all sizes seeking to improve their management effectiveness. The author’s sound advice and illustrative examples capture the lessons learned from decades of personal experience spanning a variety of industries. This book is an easy, insightful and eminently worthwhile read.”

— Leonard Sherman, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer
Northeastern University
Former President, Accenture Procurement Solutions

“Beat the Odds is a valuable handbook for anyone interested in ensuring the viability of his/her organization. Following its principles will increase the reader’s effectiveness in today’s complex and challenging business environments.  Bob Rudzki knows what he is talking about, combines solid research with years of experience, and presents the practical application of theory to real-world stories of success and failure. 

“This is a must-read book that will deepen your understanding of the opportunities before you, and guide you to making a big difference in the long-term success and sustainability of your organization.”

— Carol Weber
Principal, the Cahill-Weber Group and Visiting Professor
Darden Graduate School of Business
University of Virginia

“The "building blocks of organizational success" identified by Rudzki aren't new concepts, but the clear headed explanation of their ordering and inter-relationships reflects a seasoned insight. My 40 years experience in industry and leadership positions resonates with his perspective. Beat the Odds provides a framework to help the serious manager find sustainable success and avoid getting lost in the forest of fads.”

— Thomas J. Wonsiewicz
Lane Enterprises, Inc.

"Beat the Odds" illustrates that the long-term viability of a Corporation is more than just about strategy and metrics, it’s about core business principles and continuous diagnosis. Bob Rudzki's nine principles for long-term organizational health and success is something that every leader who thinks about the future should read and follow.” 

— John M. Anderson
Vice President and Partner
A.T. Kearney, Inc.

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