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Do you have your own story that points out the consequences when one or more of the nine Beat the Odds principles are missing from an organization? Or, is your story one in which an organization’s declining performance was reversed by correcting deficiencies in one or more of the principles?

Send the author your own story, based on your experience. Please read the Terms & Conditions before submitting your story.

All submissions will be reviewed for research purposes. Some stories may be used in future writings and presentations, without identifying the submitter or the organization involved. In cases where it may be desirable to identify the organization involved in the story, we will contact the submitter to request written permission.

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Please write your story in the space provided. Be specific about what was happening (the “situation” as it relates to one or more of the nine principles in Beat the Odds). Then describe the resulting outcome. Feel free to offer your analysis of the situation.
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